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bijoux fantaisie

My favorites !


The reference site for those who learn how to program their own montage themes, with various tutorials (unfortunatly only in French).
Many thanks to Guignol-film for his work which gave me the basis to start my work !


The reference site for Pinnacle's users, with a lot of free effects, including more than 300 HFW free transitions, as well as many tutorials and advices. A real bonanza for all Studio's users !


A very rich site, with a lot of things to learn and to download to enrich your productions. Many thanks to Pixel who show me the way to product my montage themes.

To be seen !

La ronce et l'ortie

"La Ronce et l'Ortie" (BlackBerry and the nettle) seeks by its contribution to the knowledge of the so-called simple, adventitious plants, wild or medicinal.
Its action is a presentation of promenade in informative videos.

Lydie et Anne Bijoux

Handmade jewels made in France for every occasion

Video Montage !

Forum Pinnacle Studio

The official forum for Pinnacle Studio users, to get information and to look for solutions when needed ...

Magazine Video

General information about digital video. (Only in French)

Le repère Vidéo Numérique

the gatherhood of Digital Video users propose their analyses, return of experiment, news, test reports, tutorials, FAQ, and the opinion of skilled users in addition to its forums ... (in French)

Avid Studio Net

This site is dedicated to Avid Studio. It will propose different tutorials really useful.
It has been created by Jeff Naylor (most known under his pseudo as jjn by those who are familiar with Pinnacle's forum. Jeff Naylor is the author of Pinnacle Studio 15 revealed.

Picture and video to built your themes

Movie Tools

A very nice site proposing free motion backgrounds for your video montages. Its on this site that I found original materials that I used to generate my montage themes backgrounds ...

Dream Scene

This site is specialized in animated screen saver for PCs. Nevertheless, their production can be easily used into Pinnacle Studio as montage themes motion backgrounds. Don't hesitate to visit their site, it's free for non profit usage, and it's really nice !

Planet Pixel Emporium

I found on this site the maps of the different planet of our solar system. I used them for the StarWars series. If you are passionate of astronomy, go see this site!

Free Web Page Headers

This site offers quantity of very nice banners for website or for any other graphics application. I've used a few in for my montage themes. Beware, as for my themes, their use is only possible for nonprofit activities.

My software choice !


Excellent free software for audio and video transcoding. It converts quickly and free of charge anything (or nearly so, but still have some weaknesses with .flv )

LS Maker

WebSite of the creator of a Freeware specialized in light saber special effects editing. Edition should be done frame by frame and take some time, but with training, it is quite convenient and allows an excellent rendering without unnecessary expenditure..

Create Install

All my installation packages are built using the freeware proposed on this site. It is very easy to use, and after a few minutes, well adapted to my needs.


Downloadable .zip files of this site are produced using 7-zip software extremely efficient and pleasant to use. In addition it is totally free. Don't hesitate to download it!


Paint.Net is a free drawing and image processing software easy to use and wall adapted to design your materials whan buiding montage themes. A large number of plug-ins are also available on the internet free of charge.

PDF Creator

PDFCreator is a free software to create files in PDF format from any software. To do this, it create a virtual printer which will be used to create PDF files. I recommend this software to store various tutorials on your PC in PDF, in the language of your choice!

Some help to create your Website !

Alex GuestBook

No doubts that it's the ultimate free PHP guestbook software you can found on internet. I use it on this site to offer you the possiblity to make your comments about this site !


This site is referenced in the Computer category : Digital video in directories Actualités referencement par Duffez and Les actualités du Dicodunet

bijoux fantaisie


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how to install 20cents montage themes

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built your own montage themes

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Pinnacle Studio 16 video edition assesment by 20cents-video

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import an animated gif into Avid or Pinnacle Studio

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Get additional video tracks

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Create your Karaoke
Web site of the month !

Original motion backgrounds for your DVD menus and montage theme animation propose you many free high quality screensaver. Even if these files were made to be used as PCs screen saver, their installation kit content .wmv video files that you will be able to import into Studio, either for your DVD menus, or, after some adaptations, in my montage themes ...

Go ahead, you will enjoy, and it's very nice !.

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