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License Terms and conditions : All the montage themes proposed on this web site may be download and use for FREE for private usage only. For any commercial or profit activities please contact us. In addition, proposing theses creations for download from any other site or through any other means is strictly forbideen.

bijoux fantaisie

ENC 53 "Quart Cercle4"



theme ENC - 53 Quart Cercle4
A second original Diaporama based on various circles
more ...

ENC 52 "Quart Cercle3"



theme ENC - 52 Quart Cercle3
An original Diaporama based on various circles
more ...

ENC 51 "Poly"



theme ENC - 51 Poly
Here comes a simple but effective theme which may become very useful. Using it, you will be able to apply different shapes to any image or video sequence, and it will be possible to adjust its size and position.
Then, you will only have to apply a video effect using keyframe animation to a more ...

ENC 50 "X4"



theme ENC - 50 X4
E-N-C produces an other multi windows animation.
more ...

ENC 49 "Noel1"



theme ENC - 49 Noel1
To celebrate Christmas, E-N-C has adapted this transition using windows shaped as christmas tree ornaments.
more ...

ENC 47 "X3"



theme ENC - 47 X3
E-N-C produces an other animation located in the lower part of your screen.
more ...

ENC 46 "X2"



theme ENC - 46 X2
E-N-C produces this animation located in the lower part of your screen.
more ...

ENC 45 "Ronds"



theme ENC - 45 Ronds
A short diaporama of round shaped scenes
more ...

ENC 44 "Automne"



theme ENC - 44 Automne
Dead leaves are falling down !...
more ...

ENC 39 "Evolution"



theme ENC - 39 Evolution
E-N-C delivers here a montage theme in his personnal style relating human being evolution and time going ...
more ...

ENC 32 "Pyro"



theme ENC - 32 Pyro
Here is a custom work made for Thierry by E-N-C!
Of course, this original theme can certainly find its place among many other situations. It is a fireworks revealing any drop zone in the center of different rocket explosions.
To customize the theme, several objects travel across the sk more ...

ENC 28 "Surexpo 2"



theme ENC - 28 Surexpo 2
E-N-C proposes us an evolution of his montage theme dedicated to be placed in overlay on your original movie. Here, your drop zones will be placed into circles ... more ...

ENC 14 "Surexpo 1"



theme ENC - 14 Surexpo 1
Eric innovates with a theme in a new style. It is indeed a superposition theme for location on overlay track to showcase your original sequence.. more ...

ENC 10 "Mercator3 long"



theme ENC - 10 Mercator3 long
There was Mercator3 short, you can well imagine that there would be a long version !
Another Multi track montage themes designed by ENC for your vaction movies ...
It is composed of 2 montage themes to be placed respectively
  • on the main track of the timeline (the more ...

ENC 9 "Carto 2"



theme ENC - 9 Carto 2
This theme was adapted from the 205-Carto theme available in Title themes.
It offers other maps and a different layout. more ...

ENC 8 "Mercator3 court"



theme ENC - 8 Mercator3 court
A Multi Window Montage theme designed by ENC for your holiday videos ...
It uses 2 montage themes to be places respectively
  • on the main track of the timeline (theme Mercator Court Piste 1)
  • overlapping track of the timeline (theme Mercator Court Piste 2) more ...

ENC 7 "M2"



theme ENC - 7 M2
A Multi track Montage themes designed by ENC for your wedding movies...
It is made up of 3 themes to be located respectively
  • on the main track of the timeline (theme M2 Piste 1)
  • overlapping track of the timeline (Theme M2 piste 2)
  • on the title tr more ...

ENC 6 "X1"



theme ENC - 6 X1
A Multi Window Montage theme...
Different backgrounds are available for this theme in which the windows move and use of their transparency with a certain elegance. more ...

ENC 5 "Polyvalent"



theme ENC - 5 Polyvalent
A multipurpose mountage theme ...
sequence are shapped with circles, Morris Mini, bells, rabbits ,...
It can be used for Easter montage 'bells, chicken,...' which will be usefull this weekend !
Happy Easter! more ...

ENC 4 "bureau"



theme ENC - 4 bureau
A really new style for this montage theme featuring an ultra modern office dedicated to video montage with three wide screens on which are displayed sequences coming from the PC, as well as videos on high-tech and video editing theme. more ...

ENC 3 "mariage"



theme ENC - 3 mariage
This theme has been designed to host a wedding film. The drop zones 1 and 2 will merge at the end of the theme... more ...

ENC 2 "dia variante"



theme ENC - 2 dia variante
A variant of previous theme without titles and backgrounds, and with slightly different movements. more ...

ENC 1 "dia"



theme ENC - 1 dia
This is the first theme proposed by E-N-C for this web site. This is an animated slide show in very original style where windows are particularly well animated.
2 titles are also available to enhance usability. more ...

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Bellissimo !Monday 19 September 2011 11:03:25


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25 messages

Pb With Enc#39 With S15Sunday 26 February 2012 18:27:10

Number 39 Evolution shows as a Thumbnail in Studio 15 ( Win XP ) but will NOT preview when selected ?

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25 messages

Pb With Enc#39 For Studio 15Saturday 10 March 2012 22:43:53

Will # 39 Evolution be available for Studio 15 & Win XP ?

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116 messages

Enc 39-evolution For Studio 15Sunday 11 March 2012 11:02:19

I have made some modifications in the Pinnacle Studio version, fixing some potential problems which don't have any impact with S12 and S14, but as I don't have S15, I am not sure that this will solve the problem ...
Please reinstall this series and tell me if the problem is solved !

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Enc #39 Is Now Ok With Studio 15 !Sunday 11 March 2012 15:59:44

There was always a slight hesitation in loading the Series and viewing , however it and #39 are running smoothly and can be viewed without hesitation !!
Many Thanks

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Red Line In E-n-c #4 Sunday 18 March 2012 18:04:05

In the E-N-C4 " bureau " there is a rotating red line from the beginning to the end of the clip sequence and is there a way to remove it or is that part of a required structure ?

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Red Line In E-n-c #4Sunday 18 March 2012 18:41:55

For this theme, E-N-C has utilized a motion background to display the different background elements as well as for the opening camera. Unfortunatly, the rotating red line is part of this background video and cannot be removed as it is not a separate element.

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