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License Terms and conditions : All the montage themes proposed on this web site may be download and use for FREE for private usage only. For any commercial or profit activities please contact us. In addition, proposing theses creations for download from any other site or through any other means is strictly forbideen.

bijoux fantaisie

274 "Pluie"



theme  - 274 Pluie
This very simple montage theme is intended to permit to create an effect of rain of objects falling from the sky. The objects are all identical and are contained in drop zone 1.
it is of course possible to compose a title using Pinnacle standard title editor, and then drag it in drop zone 1. more ...

178 "PanoraMagic bis 4-3"



theme  - 178 PanoraMagic bis 4-3
A variation of theme 176 'PanoraMagic'. Here, the photo is placed inside a rotating cylinder, which gives the effect of a wide-angle objective.
To see how to use this theme, visit this tutorial
This theme is only for 4:3 projects. F more ...

177 "PanoraMagic bis 16-9"



theme  - 177 PanoraMagic bis 16-9
A variation on theme 176 'PanoraMagic'. Here, the photo is placed in a rotating cylinder, which gives the effect of a wide-angle objective.
See how to use this theme in this tutorial
This theme is only for 16:9 projects. For 4:3 pro more ...

176 "PanoraMagic"



theme  - 176 PanoraMagic
The only problem was to have the idea ... and some skill !
Here is a very usefull montage theme.It creates a pseudo panorama potentially from any of your photo. Nevertheless, I recommend you to use photos in which the horizon is nearly ... horizontal.
Using a video is also possible. Howev more ...

170 "Radar Authentique"



theme  - 170 Radar Authentique
Here is a theme that gave me a bit of trouble, the programming functions used have shown unsuspected limits ...
In appearance it closely looks like theme 169 . In fact, you'll notice that the image changes for each radar scanning. But that's not all ...
The image displayed duri more ...

169 "Radar Simple"



theme  - 169 Radar Simple
Like for a radar beam scanning the screen with a circular lighting, intensity decrease after the passage of the beam.
Of course, it is possible to customize and change the color of the beam.
For more effect, you can place a radar image. Whether your project is in 4:3 or 16:9, you should c more ...

155 "Infini"



theme  - 155 Infini
This effect repeats indefinitely (in reality only 3 times) all or part of the main window.
The size and position of secondary windows can also be adjusted.
Each secondary window may be surrounded by a border whose color can be chosen throught the interface.
more ...

114 "20cents Magic"



theme  - 114 20cents Magic
Here is a way to create Alpha Magic transitions from any photo or video in your possession ...
Simply put:
  • the original clip into the drop zone 1,
  • clip destination in the drop zone 2
  • and the transition Alpha matrix (a picture or video of your more ...

37 "Fatigue"



theme  - 37 Fatigue
This effect will create multiple instances of the drop zone which will oscillate around the original scene reproducing a sense of intoxication or fatigue
... more ...

36 "Motion Blur"



theme  - 36 Motion Blur
I searched unsuccesfully for such an effect (Free!). It produces blur for fast movements.
To function properly, it is preferable that the movement would have been filmed from a fixed position with a tripod for example, in order that the overall scene does not move.
more ...

35 "Fondu"



theme  - 35 Fondu
This effect creates a fade for a scene in another, for example a video surrounded by the edges of a photo with all melted.
more ...

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# 274Sunday 1 May 2011 14:45:30

Very Nice !! Can it be used in ' Signature Series ' and if so how can it be done ??

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Signature With #274Sunday 1 May 2011 17:04:07

the 20cents signature series is designed to take benefit of transparency effects. With #274, I doesn't manage transparency.
By the way you can turn around this problem by putting your transparency logo mask (file Your Mask.png built following corresponding tutorial)on the overlay track on the time line while #274 will be put on the main track.
Doing so will make appear #274 'rain' of windows only where your Logo Mask is transparent.

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