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Create an original lower third without any programming skill ! !

published  06th February 2012

bijoux fantaisie


You can find many lower thirds on this web site, like those created by E-N-C, You may also find a tutorial to learn how to create your own lower third as a montage theme, but I should admit that montage theme programming remains a hard task for most of visitors  ...

This tutorial will teach you to build an animated lower third, but without having to program a montage theme. Once having tested this tutorial, you will be able to build almost anything you want (in any case, this is what I wish you).

We will build a lower third, running  the following sequence :
  • Sylvester (the cat from the cartoon) comes running from the left of the screen, visibly looking for Tweety
  • a banner will follow him up to occupy the central portion of the screen.
  • a text appears  from infinity turning on himself until being displayed into the banner.
  • Then text disappears in fading
  •   banner shift on the right
  • followed by Sylvester, still looking for Tweety.

With this tutorial, you will learn how to use key frames in Pinnacle's video effects !

Estimate the timing of your animation.

Even if it is not necessary to program, you must think a little to the timing of your animation.

  • Sylvester will cross the screen for example in 1.5 seconds
  • The banner follows just behind him, it will therefore be positionned in the center of the screen in about 2 seconds from the beginning of the animation
  • The text may then appear with an animation of 1.5 seconds which will be completed in approximately 3.5 seconds from the start of the animation.
  • The text will be displayed 5.5 seconds (up to 9 seconds after the start)
  • and then disappears in fades during one second.
  • Finally the banner shifts to the right followed by Sylvestre, all in 2 seconds

So, the animation lasts about 12 seconds.

Looking for an animated GIF ...

To make our lower third more impressive, we will use an animated gif featuring Sylvester. For this, you can use  the animated gif import tool proposed on this site, or choose one of the existing images already into the library.

For this tutorial, I have chosen  to look into the library (menu Animated Gifs -> Cartoon) to see if something appealling me was already there ...

2 pages before the end, I found exactly what I need...

So, I import this animation as a montage theme, following  instruction given in this tutorial.
After that, I can see the montage theme Chat Sylvestre in the Your-Animated-GIF series

Animated GIFs library imported into Pinnacle/Avid Studio

Tuning the montage theme on main track

We will put this montage theme on the main track, and adjust its duration to 2 seconds, duration that will be sufficient for Sylvestre to cross the screen!
The montage theme Chat Sylvestre lasts a little less than 7 seconds. The import tool repeats 10 times the original animation. We will therefore reduce the duration to 2 seconds just by catching the right edge of the theme on the main track, and setting its position in the desired place.

We now place a video effect with key frame to scroll Sylvester from left to right of the screen. Go to menu Toolbox-> add video effects , and choose the effect 2D editor in series Studio Ultimate RTFx (depending on your version of Studio, this effect can be found in another series, but in principle, it is available whatever your version.)

2D video effect in Pinnacle Studio

Set Sylvester motion !

Click on Reset button to restore all settings to their neutral value.
Then, adjust the vertical position to -35 to place Sylvestre at the bottom of your screen,
Finally, click on  Key Frame box. 2 tags appear on the themes chat Sylvestre  numbered 1 and 2.

  • Select the key frame no. 1 using selection field, and adjust the horizontal position to the value -65.
  • Select the key frame no. 2 using selection field, and adjust the horizontal position to the value 65

Sylvester now crosses your screen from left to right

Using Key frame animation into Pinnacle Studio

Create a Banner

We are now going to create a banner, simply by using the classic titles editor of Pinnacle Studio (here version 14)

Place your mouse on the overlay track, do a right click, and select go to the classic titles editor (not sure of my translation as my version of Studio is in French !).

Once in the classic titles editor, select the rectangle tool (the 4th icon from the left in the toolbar under the pre viewing window), and draw a rectangle that will cover all the screen.

Next, add a color gradient by selecting a style of letters (Aa) with a gradient (for example, in the left column, the 3rd from the top!). You should get a result as below.

Finally, stretch the banner to get a duration of 12 seconds corresponding to the total length of our animation.

Create a banner using Pinnacle Studio classic title editor

Tune banner motion

We will use the 2D editor Advanced   effect to adjust the size and position of the banner and also to make it scroll by adjusting the horizontal Position parameter using key frames.

As for Sylvester, start by resetting the effect by cliking on "Reset" button.

Then, we will adjust the size and appearance of the banner by adjusting the following settings:
  • Size horizontal: 75
  • Size vertical: 25
  • Position vertical: - 35

The banner now has its size and its target position. We are now going to modify its appearance by changing  settings :
  • Transparency / softness edge: 100
  • Angle curve: 100  (as before, not sure at all of my translation, so test until founding the appropriate setting)

Your banner has now an oval shape with a soft edge! We still have to add its animation. To do this, click on key frame box. By default, 2 key frames are created, one at the beginning of the sequence, and another at the end. We will need  4 key frames, the 2 first for the opening of the banner, the 2 last managing the ending.

To add a key frame, simply position the cursor at the desired location on the timeline and click on add A new key frame is then added on the banner thumbnail.

Select key frame #1 and adjust the horizontal position at -110. The set the horizontal position of the picture #2 to 0, add a 3rd key frame 10 seconds after the beginning of the animation, and set its horizontal position to 0 like for key frame #2, which means that the banner will keep on place between during this period.
Then set horizontal position of key frame #4 at 110 to make it shift on the right out of the screen.

Key frame animation in Pinnacle Studio video effects

Duplicate Sylvester theme on main track

As Sylvestre must cross the screen again to end our lower third, we will simply duplicate the theme placed on main track (with its video effect) and place it 10 seconds after the start of the animation using copy and paste (CTRL+C then CTRL+V).

Create your text

We now create the text using again the classic titles editor for Pinnacle Studio (here the version 14)

Position your mouse on the title track, do a right click, and select go to the classic titles editor.

Once in the editor, select the text tool (the 2nd icon from the left in the toolbar under the pre viewing window), and draw a rectangle that will host your text. Click the rectangle and compose the text of your choice.

Then, choose the font and its size in a way to hold your text on a single line. Adjust the position and size of the bounding rectangle so that it will just have the size of the text, and Center it in the middle of the screen. You should get a result as below

Composing a text in Pinnacle title editor

Adjust the title motion.

To make the title rotate on itself, we will need to use again, the 2D editor advanced   from series Studio Ultimate RTFx.

We will first adjust the title to open once the banner in its position (time = 2 seconds) and end at before the banner shift out of the screen (time = 10 seconds) simply by changing its position and duration on the timeline.

Then, we will place our 2D editor Advanced effect with 4 key frames. (Don't forget to firstly reset the effect settings by clicking on Reset   button).

A second key frame is added at time 3.5 seconds, and the third at 9 seconds

We still have to set parameters for these 4 key images

  • The first starts with a horizontal and vertical size set to 0, other parameters remains to their default value.
  • The second will be set with horizontal and vertical size to 100 (normal size), a rotation equal to -720 degrees (i.e. 2 complete rotations in the clockwise direction), and the vertical position to value - 35.
  • The third will resume the second setting, meaning a motionless text between the 2 key images
  • The fourth will have the setting of the third, except for transparency value equal to 100 to manage the fade.

Make a motion title in classic title editor of Pinnacle Studio

Now, let's see the result !

Of course, once you will be skilled in the use of key frames animation, you will take fun to build all kinds of animations, within the limit of the amount of available video tracks...

bijoux fantaisie

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