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Save the tutorials of this site on your PC in .pdf format !

Updated October 16, 2010

bijoux fantaisie


Gert Oskar was the first to fill in my guestbook . On this occasion, he reminded me one of its old claims consisting of disposing of my various tutorials in PDF format to be able to read them without being connected to the internet.
The management of this site, and the creation of itscontent takes a long time (but I like it!). So, I have not the ability to format my tutorials in a second presentation format.
You'll also notice that I have not found the time to make a English version of these tutorials. I'm just trying to verify that the original version in French is almost understandable once translated with "Bing Translator". So you will understand that it is even less possible to consider making an English version in PDF.
... Obviously, I found a solution, simple to implement, and which allows you to create PDF files in the language of your choice (limited to those proposed by "Bing Translator", with its weakness, but as my father often told me,"Better is more expensive!" )
The contents of this site is totally free , keep cool, I continue to offer free solutions. (But still of quality !)
I just propose you to install the open source free software PDFCreator whose purpose is to create a virtual printer . The printer will be is in this case a PDF file.
We will then use this new virtual printer to save Web pages containing my tutorials, thus after setting them with appropriates layouts.
You will be then able to use this new virtual printer with any other software to createf PDF !

install PDF Creator

Let's start by installing PDFCreator on our PC from the Web site listed in my links page.
You will land on this page from free software ...

Click the download button. Depending on the browser you use, the installation procedure will vary slightly. Internet Explorer, will open a window offering you the choice: between  :
  • to run the software,
  • save
  • or quit the process.
Select "Run." site is very serious, and software are offered free of viruses.
With Firefox, you must choose "save", then go to the directory where the file has been downloaded, then double click on PDFCreator-1_0_2_setup.exe file to begin installation.
Tip : If you do not know which directory firefox saves downloaded file, you can find it out by opening the  menu "Tools> Options> General"

Vista and Seven will ask you to confirm that you are at the origin of this  installation
Select language for installation dialog, confirm acceptance of the license, and answer to the various questions.

Uncheck the installation of the search engine Yahoo checked by default (unless it's your choice!) to preserve your current configuration and validate the other choices. The installation of the software can then start.

Normally, the installation kit detects the language of Windows Setup, and you provides default settings corresponding.
At the end of the installation, you will need to restart your computer to take into account the virtual printer.

Adjusting the layout

To create our PDF files, we will simply use the print function of your internet browser.
Of course, before printing, it is prudent to use the Print Preview function to view and possibly adjust the settings to get the desired rendering. This feature is in the "File" menu of your browser.

Here you can choose to adjust the scale (important, because the paper is smaller than your screen, and it is therefore necessary to reduce the scale to find a correct layout ...)
If you print in portrait mode, a scale of 60% will give correct result.
In the "Layout" you will also adjust the margins left and right. Be careful however, not reduce them too much if you want to print your document in the future. Most printers are unable to print on the full width of the paper.
You can also uncheck "print page background", especially if you want to print tutorial on paper in the future, in order to save your printer ink.

Note : your settings will be recorded from one session to another !


When you are satisfied with the settings, close the print preview, and open the print menu. Select the PDFCreator printer.

Now, just give the file name you want in the window menu that opens and it's done!

Translate the tutorial in another language

Nothing is easier! If you use the automatic translator of this site, your PDF will naturally be the result of this translation. If you want to print a tutorial in another language, simply select it in the widget selection of language, then print in PDF Creator printer.


By way of demonstration, here are the PDF files in French and English produced using this tutorial.

bijoux fantaisie

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