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Motion Titles

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The big new feature brought by Pinnacle Studio version 14 was the motion title editor. It can be used to compose animated titles using opening, emphasis and ending movements  from libraries provided by Pinnacle with Studio 14.
Motion Titles Editor also allows to choose font, color, and to apply all kinds of effects.
Some of you are certainly wondering why, given the existence of this Motion title editor, I still produce montage themes dedicated animated titles. Simply because it offers different opportunities, including customization of movements from the user interface of the theme editor, but on the other hand, it is less rich in ability to manage fonts.

In order not to frustrate anybody, and relying (as always) about the recent work of Guignol-film, I have look into more details how these motion titles were structured to see if it was possible to create extensions pack of motion effects as if provided by Pinnacle ...
I am very pleased to introduce for the first time, and even before that Pinnacle released one (paying ...), an expansion pack for your Motion titles.
Details of movements

To see the different effects available in my expansion pack of  motion titles, click the button below.  Each effect is presented with the opening and its corresponding ending sequence, but these opening and ending can of course be associated differently.

To download the effects expansion pack, click on a button below. This pack will add some movement in Entry, Emphasis and Exit section of your motion title editor.
Motion effects expansion pack downloaded times
2 possible installation methods :
download motion-titles.exe  self-installing .exe files
download folder IMG-Templates/Motion Titles/-Motions .zip file to install yourself

Some advice on the implementation of Motion Titles ...

Actually, I'm not a fan of Pinnacle Studio 14. I greatly prefer the 12 version better suited to my PC configuration (laptop ...).
In addition, Pinnacle Studio 14 seems significantly less stable than Studio 12 (at least on my configuration), and crashes aremore painful (you have to log off Vista and re-open ...). Probably that my problems largely comes from my development of plugins activitiy and from the inevitable errors that occur during debugging.
Nevertheless, I spent a few hours to understand what I was wrong in the implementation of motions titles and causing a crash of Studio. Quite simply, I occurs when trying to re-edit a motion title when on the timeline. (by double clicking on it in the timeline).

It seems that this is to formally avoid !

It is best to save your title motion directly from the title's editor. If you need to edit, delete it from the timeline, open the
motion title editor by placing the mouse on the title track and making a right click, then, in the editor open the previously saved title.
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