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Give your opinion about our montage themes

edited on 28th May 2012

bijoux fantaisie

Choose your prefered montage themes !

When looking at the various montage theme series, registered visitors have the possibility to vote for their favourite montage themes.

To do this, simply click on the small icon representing a vote button

Attention: a single visitor can have a maximum of 12 favourite themes, so, be selective to mark those you like the most !

Keep cool, you will always be able to change your selection if a new theme seems you even better than those already selected. To do so, just click on the icon representing an eraser   which replace the vote button icon for theme of your selection.

The prefered themes will appear with a Crown of laurels followed by the number of vote.

Menu  best of allows you to see the selection of the most preferred theme elected by the community of members.


Rate montage theme series !

The different montage themes creators offer themes that they produced for their own use. Series after series, they are still wondering which kind of series you like the most...

You now have at your disposal a small animation designed to score from 0 to 10 each series.
move the mouse over the cups !
5/10   ?

Your vote will be taken into account only once for each series, but you will have the possibility to change your vote as many times as you want.

How to remember my votes and choices ?

You should ask yourself how to know what is your montage theme selection, as well as which are the series you have rated (and which was the note ?

It is for this that I have created the My Profil menu (only available for registered members) which will provide an overall view of your votes and registration details (you are the only one to be able to access these informations).

This menu will also allows you to modify the newsletter language selection ! (French or English only ...).

bijoux fantaisie

Any comment about this page ?

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Titre Du MessageSunday 20 April 2014 11:55:53

some montages have not incoming and outgoing concepts..and none of the themes have complete their action with controlling their performing takes complete only an fixed time durations...

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