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License Terms and conditions : All the montage themes proposed on this web site may be download and use for FREE for private usage only. For any commercial or profit activities please contact us. In addition, proposing theses creations for download from any other site or through any other means is strictly forbideen.

388 "Ending TV"



theme  - 388 Ending TV A last theme to end this chapter or to close your montage ... The TV is switching off, the DVD player opens, and the DVD go back to its box !
more ...

376 "Triple Screen SegueB"



theme  - 376 Triple Screen SegueB Here is a theme inspired by the presentation of the tour de france 2012 on French TV channel France2 for the staging of 3 simultaneous reports. Opening transition will be done from Drop Zone 1 and Ending will use Drop Zone 2
more ...

192 "World Cup 2010"



theme  - 192 World Cup 2010
An email exchange this week with a South African Visitot inspired me this new theme. This is a transition evoking the facets of a football ball to celebrate the kickoff of the FIFA World Cup 2010!
Some observers may see that the geometry of the ball is not rigorously respected (small face more ...

46 "Letters rebound"



theme  - 46 Letters rebound
  • Opening : letters comes from left rebounding like a ball.
  • Exit : letters fall again, rebounding to exit the screen

If you choose a font using shadow effect, you will see that shadow will also benifit of this effect. more ...

Papy-Serge 200 "Opening"



theme Papy-Serge - 200 Opening here is the opening theme for this series which aim is to reproduce the credits of 'The persuaders' TV series.
Dropzone 1 and 2 will host titles containing the names of your characters. more ...

387 "Ending DVD"



theme  - 387 Ending DVD An other theme to end this chapter or to close your montage ... more ...

386 "Ending Single"



theme  - 386 Ending Single Here is an ending theme for this 20ents DVD series, where DVD, HD TV flat screen, et DVD player are there !
more ...

147 "Double couronne"



theme  - 147 Double couronne
this theme is the result of the second tutorial for creating montage themes. 2 crowns of scenes rotate in opposite directions from each other and provide a transition between the Opening and the Ending drop Zones.
more ...

168 "Triple Taquin"



theme  - 168 Triple Taquin
There are 16 pieces in my puzzle. So, I took the opportunity to build a triple track montage. It can, for example, be used to animate a slide show!
This theme is stretchable (you may stretch the three themes of the same duration to keep movements synchronized!) to adjust its length as neede more ...

243 "I love you"



theme  - 243 I love you
Soon Valentine!
don't panic, I thought about it, and you will find here materials to facilitate your montages of those intense moments, with a series of 15 original montage themes.

Here is the opening theme, with hearts beating so hard that everything break! more ...

Corinne 20 "Ending Livre"



theme Corinne - 20 Ending Livre A last theme to end this album and finish this chapter or to close your montage ... an intermediate drop zone is there to prepare to the end of this chapter or to the end of your montage ...
2 text zones are there to host texts and comments you may want to make ... more ...

38 "Un Gars Une Fille"



theme  - 38 Un Gars Une Fille
This theme enables you to easily mount the jingle of the series' A guy A girl 'for your home movies of weddings, engagements, or otherwise.
Background: L & # 39 more ...

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