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bijoux fantaisie

28 "Ending"



theme  - 28 Ending
This theme completes the series. The Ending sequence is into the trunk. Leaves it by zooming out, and then, the trunk closes ...
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27 "Segue 1"



theme  - 27 Segue 1
This theme is the intermediate sequence. It starts with a view from the bottom of the box, the camera zoom out and exit of the trunk. Then, the top of the trunk opens revealing new sequences.
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26 "Opening"



theme  - 26 Opening
That is the opening theme. It reveals the trunk closed, placed on a desert island. When approached, the front of the trunk opens and reveals two scenes, and then go into the trunk to discover a third scene ...
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Raul Carlos
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Interesante !Monday 26 September 2011 04:01:32

la verdad que muy interesante. sigan con esta propuesta

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