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License Terms and conditions : All the montage themes proposed on this web site may be download and use for FREE for private usage only. For any commercial or profit activities please contact us. In addition, proposing theses creations for download from any other site or through any other means is strictly forbideen.

bijoux fantaisie

222 "Karaoke"



theme  - 222 Karaoke
Following the request of an other visitor, Patrick, I designed this quite simple theme to animate texts for your karaoke montages. As you can see in the demonstration video, words are being displayed in a different color when pronouced to give a professional look to your editing!
A tutorial more ...

205 "Carto"



theme  - 205 Carto
A theme suggested by one of our visitor : Christian, which will recognize himself when reading these lines.
It manages a small window at the top right corner of the screen. This window contains a map on which you will position a Flashing point and be able to write the name of a city.
This more ...

175 "Découpe"



theme  - 175 Découpe
This text will break up into hundreds of pieces. Text, shadow, and the halo that surrounds it may be customised ! more ...

174 "Roue"



theme  - 174 Roue
I really turned round several months before understanding how to built this theme. In fact it was quite simple (I'm kidding, of course ) .
Your text is placed on a crown in a circle. You can adjust the portion of this crown in the circle on more ...

151 "Cube"



theme  - 151 Cube
text is duplicated on the 4 sides of a rotating cube.
Of course, this cube can be re positioned and scaled to fit your requirements. more ...

150 "Locomotive"



theme  - 150 Locomotive
It's been awhile since I had not made an animated title. I gave it this name thinking to the wheels of a steam locomotive on the rails ahead.
The text comes from the left, the letters turning on themselves. When stabilized, letters leaves as they arrived. more ...

111 "Hélice"



theme  - 111 Hélice
For this theme, the text rotates in a vertical plane, but letters remain always vertical. Only their central position turn, not their orientation ! more ...

110 "Verlan"



theme  - 110 Verlan
Don't think this theme may be simple !
Apparently, the text makes a simple rotation around a vertical axis. If you look into more details, even when the text is upside down, letters remain in in their position, only their order was reversed ... more ...

80 "Star Wars"



theme  - 80 Star Wars
Letters are coming from the front of the screen rotating on themselves. Then, for the ending sequence leave to infinity.
Like the others, it works as well as on studio 14 studio 12.1 ! more ...

79 "Big Thunder Mountain"



theme  - 79 Big Thunder Mountain
Your text will travel across the screen from left to right when making several looping like in the famous Euro Disney attraction.
Like the others, it works as well as on studio 14 studio 12.1 ! more ...

78 "Wheel"



theme  - 78 Wheel Like the others, it works as well as on studio 14 studio 12.1! more ...

77 "Waves"



theme  - 77 Waves
Your text will travel across the screen from left to right on a wave.
Like the others, it works as well as on studio 14 and studio 12.1! more ...

76 "Cylindre"



theme  - 76 Cylindre
Text rotates around a vertical axis.
Like the other theme of this serie, it works as well as on studio 14 and studio 12.1 ! more ...

75 "Slider"



theme  - 75 Slider
Text arrives letter by letter from the left, stabilizes, then leaves it letter by letter.
Like the other themes of this serie, it also works on Studio 12.1 ! more ...

74 "Landing"



theme  - 74 Landing
Text falls from the top of the screen and crashes then reaching the bottom. After stabilizing, Text breaks into letters and the letters fall down.
Like others, it also works on Studio 12.1 ! more ...

73 "Accident"



theme  - 73 Accident
The text comes from the right and crashes on the left side of the screen. After stabilisation, letters exit on the left.
This theme also runs on Studio 12.1 ! more ...

72 "Dual Crash"



theme  - 72 Dual Crash
The text is split in two parts coming from opposite sides of the screen, and hit one on the other !
After the accident, it stabilizes and then letters drop down.
This theme also runs on Studio 12.1 ! more ...

71 "Type Writer"



theme  - 71 Type Writer
This theme is definitly the easiest way to achieve a typewriter effect with Pinnacle Studio 12.1. With Studio 14, it is clear that motion titles may offer more customisation possibilities.
more ...

68 "BFM TV"



theme  - 68 BFM TV
This theme try to reproduce the information bar of a well known French breaking news TV channel.
Title and associated comments can be customized as well as color background. With some skill, you will also be able to customize the rotating logo ! more ...

67 "Splash"



theme  - 67 Splash
This theme has been built to make a cartoon text effect in your video, for example to stress a shock or a funny event. Many forms are available.
Text appears gradually as with a typewriter.
more ...

66 "Bulles"



theme  - 66 Bulles
This theme is designed to present your text in a cartoon bubble. Many shapes are available.
Text appears gradually as with a typewriter.
more ...

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