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License Terms and conditions : All the montage themes proposed on this web site may be download and use for FREE for private usage only. For any commercial or profit activities please contact us. In addition, proposing theses creations for download from any other site or through any other means is strictly forbideen.

bijoux fantaisie

146 " Tutoriel No1"



theme  - 146  Tutoriel No1
This theme is the result of first to create montage themes Template of Montage theme I have created.
It shows two cubes that rotate more ...

143 " Lower Third Cube"



theme  - 143  Lower Third Cube
Here is a clone of montage theme 137. This time, it is possible to place your own clips on the faces of the cube.
Several banners are available from a list.
As for the theme 137, the cube unroll banner and text, and at the end wrap them. more ...

118 " Explosion"



theme  - 118  Explosion
the opening sequence unveals a Cube (6 faces identical). The cube explodes into a multitude of particles which are projected in all directions.
more ...

117 "Implosion"



theme  - 117 Implosion
Particles are coming from all directions to built a cube (6 faces which are identical).
Once the cube assembled the view is zoomed in on one side and then go into the corresponding sequence.
more ...

113 " Cube Canal+"



theme  - 113  Cube Canal+
The opening sequence let place to a Rubik's Cube. This one bounces on the floor and many scenes are falling from all the directions to cover some of these facets.
Final zoom out shows the ending sequence.
more ...

109 "Roulement"



theme  - 109 Roulement
A complement to the two other themes setting a 8 cubes arrangement. Here, there are 2 rows of 4 cubes rolling alternately to display 4 pictures in succession.
more ...

108 "Rubicks Avance"



theme  - 108 Rubicks Avance
A Rubick's Cube Transition. Each column of cubes rotates one after the other to reveal a new image in a dynamic manner.
more ...

107 "Rubicks Rotation"



theme  - 107 Rubicks Rotation
An other Rubick's Cube Transition. Each row of the cube rotates one after the other to reveal a new image.
more ...

103 "Rubicks Color"



theme  - 103 Rubicks Color
a Rubick's Cube Transition. The 6 faces are fully colorized.
more ...

102 "Rubicks Wall"



theme  - 102 Rubicks Wall
An other Rubick's Cube Transition . The color of the facets is only present on the edge, and are customizable.
Unlike motage theme 101, each facet represents a full scene, and opening sequence showcase the cube rolling from the background.
more ...

101 "Rubicks"



theme  - 101 Rubicks
an other Rubick's Cube Transition. The color of the facets is present only on the edge, and are customizable.
more ...

34 "Fusion"



theme  - 34 Fusion
The 6 faces of the cubes are similar to touch up, then die away.
more ...

33 "Cubes in Cubes"



theme  - 33 Cubes in Cubes
8 cubes form a larger cube. The cubes are hinged, and the animation let show different scenes during the various configurations.
One of my favorites!
more ...

32 "Vertical"



theme  - 32 Vertical
same montage theme than 031,excepted that the cube rotates 90° around the horizontal axis.
more ...

31 "Transition"



theme  - 31 Transition
more simple, here are the scenes of drop zones placed on the facets of a cube that rotates regularly by 90° around a vertical axis.
more ...

30 "Jeu de Cubes"



theme  - 30 Jeu de Cubes
This time, each drop zone is distributed on each side of the 8 smaller cubes forming a set.
Cubes take off and fall to form another scene!
more ...

29 "Cube"



theme  - 29 Cube
6 drop zones, a cube with … 6 faces, each drop zone is located on one side of the cube. Initially, the cube is folded flat. We see it bend to become a cube, then it animates and bounces on the screen border.
more ...

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