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E-N-C 9 "Carto 2"

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This theme was adapted from the 205-Carto theme available in Title themes.
It offers other maps and a different layout.
bijoux fantaisie
Informations :Position:superposition(single)duration:10 secondes (non stretchable)


A drop zone can host your own map. (if desired ! In other cases, you will have to select a map in the proposed library)
  • Region to select the area of the globe that contains the desired location. If you choose DropZone, the map placed in the Drop Zone 1 will be selected, in which case it will not be possible to pan and zoom it.
  • Latitude allows horizontal movement in the map.
  • Longitude allows vertical scrolling in the map.
  • Border selects the color of the window border.
  • Thickness adjusts the width of the border.
  • Flash selects the color of the flashing text.
  • Text to compose the name of the location.
  • X sets the horizontal position of the flashing point and of the text.
  • Y sets their vertical position.

Download Montage themes

Serie E-N-C , loaded times

2 possible installation methods :
download theme-e-n-c.exe
  • .ZIP file to be deflated in (for Vista and Windows 7) :
Download montage themes directory

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