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23 "Movies Blender"

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This theme allows you to create a background by mixing 2 movie backgrounds.
To work properly, this topic requires the loading of motion background, moving balls and static backgrounds packs, otherwise you will only see a black image!
bijoux fantaisie
Informations :Position:global(single)duration:30 secondes (stretchable)


  • Back Movie selects the first motion background to be blended
  • Back Color sets the color for Back Movie
  • Front Movie selects motion background in the foreground
  • Front Color adjusts color of Front Movie
  • Intensity sets the color saturation
  • Shape lets you choose the type of gradient to be applied between the Movie Backgrounds
  • Size changes the size of Shape
  • X sets the horizontal position of Shape the gradient
  • Y adjusts the vertical position of Shape the gradient

Download Montage themes

Serie Background , loaded times

2 possible installation methods :
download theme backgrounds.exe
  • .ZIP file to be deflated in (for Vista and Windows 7) :
Download montage themes directory

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