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Additional skins for Papy Serge's Album

Additional skins for Papy Serge's Album

updated on Tuesday 15 November 2011

As some of you know, it is possible to create additional skins for the fabulous Papy Serge's Album.

Jean Francois P. has followed my tutorial, and he sent me a lot of frames, covers, backgrounds, textures and motifs which have been added into this new release of the Album.
It contains now 11 preset skins directly available from Pinnacle Studio montage theme user interface, meaning 4 new skins :

  - Baby Boy to create an album of birth to a boy,
  - Baby Girl that girls are not jealous
  - Flower to create a romantic album,
  - Grey is much darker!

Note that the Avid Studio version now also propose a direct selection among 4 possilités (technical reasons does not allowed me to offer the choice among 11 skins like in Pinnacle Studio.)
Jean François also sent us short video demonstrating the possibilities offered by his addons!

Moreover, Lotis sent us also a video making great use of montage themes (some questions still raise about the usefulness of montage themes in Pinnacle Forum...)

Finally, take 30 secondes of your time to see the young Anne-Lise which performs karaoke



updated on Saturday 5 November 2011

I can tell you now, I have been working hard for more than 5 months to produce a tool to develop montage themes. The testing phase is now started, and what better way to test this tool than creating a new series of themes...

I have tried to create a series of Kaleidoscope effects ...

Well, the realization of this series makes me realize that I had still a bit of work before proposing you this tool !

This series includes 15 different themes with truly original effects which will really surprise your friends !

On the other hand, Francis offers us a short video featuring animated wallpapers from website. Personally, I love what they are producing, simply because it's beautiful!



updated on Wednesday 19 October 2011

I published my previous article one month ago now !

I was indeed very busy working on a very ambitious project that monopolize all my free time, I will tell you more during my next publication. I hope that this will surprise you !
In the meantime, I am pleased to present a new series of montage theme designed with skill by our friend PapyChat on the subject of the Carnival. I had been hard to adapt them for Avid Studio, but it is now done, and as usual, this series can be used on both Pinnacle and Avid Studio !

This series contains 10 montage themes, and now this site offers you more than 400 montage themes 100% free of charge!

On the other hand, Sylvia and Francis kindly sent us two new clips that will give you can be ideas for your own creations. One of them showcase the possiblities offered by Bufftitler which is a powerfull video title editor.

Finally, a visitor reported me a problem with some themes of my 20cents lower thirds for Avid Studio series, it is now corrected and you can download again.

A series of lower thirds for your travels !

A series of lower thirds for your travels !

updated on Monday 19 September 2011

I am sure that many of you wonder why I have spent so much time to develop a tool to convert animated GIF into montage themes for Avid and Pinnacle Studio?
Here's the answer...
It is simply because I had wanted to integrate such animation into my creations, and after several lengthy attempts, I had seem more interesting to invest time into a tools.
This partly explains why I had not produced montage since last May. To make me forgiven, here is a new series with 9 lower thirds featuring travels and transportation. I am sure that this can be useful for video editing of your holidays movies.

Otherwise, Lotis kindly sent us 2 clips in a style that I like a lot, with many montage themes and special effects. As always, this could give you some ideas for your own editions !

Holidays are over !

Holidays are over !

updated on Friday 9 September 2011

For now almost 2 months I didn't published anything on this website! Keep cool, it's just that my professional activity is intense at the moment, and I took a few weeks of holidays...
I took advantage of this period to make some improvements on this site to make it nicer and and easier to consult.

Firstly, I add a convenient way to find montage themes through 9 different criteria, with a possibility to cumulate these criteria. It is thus possible to sort topics by:
  • author
  • series they belong to
  • their date of publication (useful to see all the new themes since your previous connection!)
  • their position, e.g : opening, ending, segue, global (theme not connected neither in opening or ending), lower third, or superposition.
  • number of track needed for the theme (single, double, or triple track)
  • number of drop zones in the montage themes
  • duration (you can select all montage themes whose duration is between 2 values, you can also select "stretchable" themes).
You will find these combo boxes when browsing on any series of montage themes, for example in the Montage theme or Guests menu .

Then, I changed the animated GIF for Pinnacle and Avid Studio import tool in such way that each one of your imports are now stored in a database accessible to all visitors. Overcoming some initial problems, this function is now fully operational. (Thanks to those who reported me the problems they met). A tutorial will explain in detail how use this animated GIF library
A check box is of course available if you do not want your animated GIFs to be incorporated into this database.
To facilitate further research of image, remember to fill the "category" fields !
I also fixed some residual bugs in the converter tool...

Then, I created a second level of popup menus which allow to directly access in one click on each of the pages of this site.

Finally, I have reviewed the function which allows you to choose an avatar when you leave comments on the pages of this site. A large selection of images ready to select in on click, and you can also import an image of your choice (.png, .jpg or .gif) whatever its size is. So, do not hesitate has to use this function.

Now, let's go to more serious topics!

E-N-C made some cleaning on his computer, and he found 5 themes that he had not had time to publish ... It is now done, and they are available for both Pinnacle and Avid Studio... Nice to be back !

Import your animated GIF into Pinnacle and Avid studio !

Import your animated GIF into Pinnacle and Avid studio !

updated on Monday 18 July 2011

Today, I do not propose you any new montage themes, but a nice tool that will allow you to import any animated GIF image in Avid or Pinnacle Studio (versions 12, 14 and 15) in only a few clicks!

In addition, you will not have any program to install on your computer, everything is processed on my Web server, then, you will only have to download the result like any other montage themes series in .zip format
A tutorial will explain step-by-step how to successfully import your animated gif into Avid or Pinnacle Studio.

On the other hand, for those who would not be aware, the special series of montage themes I've created exclusively for my friend declic-video is now available for Avid Studio on his web site !

Finally, Lotis sent us his last clip from Brazil which made the best use of montage themes. That may give ideas to all of you !

Other themes for Avid Studio !

Other themes for Avid Studio !

updated on Sunday 26 June 2011

Despite the heat here is 4 additional series adapted for Avid Studio. This is series : To take advantage, you will need to reload the corresponding series (I advise you to manually delete the previous versions to prevent any problems).

Some themes of series 20cents Transition could not be adapted, and others can have a slightly different behavior compared with what is obtained with Pinnacle Studio. This is due to differences in behaviour between the 2 platforms that I cannot overcome ...

Finally, Jean Claude is back, and there sent us 2 beautiful montages conducted in recent weeks. There are many ideas to inspire you !

New series of montage themes for Avid Studio

New series of montage themes for Avid Studio

updated on Saturday 18 June 2011

I found time to adapt 6 new series of montage themes for Avid Studio. This is series:To take advantage, you will need to reload the corresponding series (I advise you to manually delete previous versions in case of problems).

I also seize this opportunity to write a memo summarizing why it is so difficult to make all these montage themes working with Avid Studio. As you'll see, there are plenty of differences in behavior in the programming language from a platform to the other, and in fact, I discover soem additionnal ones in each new series.

Finally, Samuel J. sent us some very beautiful montage with a beautiful bride, and a charming toddler during his baptism in Cuba. You will see how to use montage themes to make beautiful slide show.
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bijoux fantaisie

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