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Join CSI Miami team !

Join CSI Miami team !

updated on Sunday 17 June 2012

Don't imagine that I organize a contest to win a trip to Miami, I have just spent a few hours in making this new series of montage themes 20cents CSI Miami designed to make an introduction looking like the one of the famous TV series!

Despite an apparent simplicity, the implementation of this montage themes series will require a little bit of organization of your videos to get a result in keeping with the original.
I made a detailed analysis of this generic of 38 seconds which contains not less than 32 plans with a blend of the main characters, some details of their investigations, and views of the city.
To help you, I wrote this new tutorial where you will also find a small demonstration where I have used the demo movie of Pinnacle "Our fun vacation" in a quite different way that I let you go discover ...

Keep a good shape with E-N-C !

Keep a good shape with E-N-C !

updated on Wednesday 6 June 2012

Simple and useful, this new series E-N-C Shapes will allow you to shape any photo or video according to not less than 24 different shapes. Play card colours, animals, vehicles, geometric and electronic equipment forms, a Bell, and even a US dollar...b, a lot of things to make your video editing more original and without too much tiredness !
E-N-C has provided various settings to adjust size and position without needing any complementary video effect. It is also possible to set a border around this form, and to adjust its color.
Cherry on the cake, it will be also possible to animate this form in adjusting its speed (by default, the form remains motionless).
If you are too unluky and you do not find the form you need, it is an opportunity to try cloning montage themes and create your own series (send it to me so that everyone can benefit from) by following my tutorials on this subject.You will see that it's not so complicated...

Otherwise, I have made you available a new voting service (they are many elections in France at the moment) to elect your favourites themes and series. The goal is not to create a competition between themes creators, but to indicate themes and series that are the most useful to you. This tutorial will give you all the useful explanations on how to use this new feature.
As a consequence, a new Best Of menu appeared to display visitor's preferred themes (of course, It will get more sense when ther will be many votes... It's up to you!)

Some other improvements have been added along the different pages of this sites to provide more informations about theme series, I let you discover them.

Finally, as a conclusion for this edition, I am happy to present you the last clip produced by Jean-Claude for the 20th anniversary of his friend Ludo. Jean-Claude's clips show me all I still have to learn in video edition ...

Here's an arrival in Music !

 Here's an arrival in Music !

updated on Monday 14 May 2012

This title voluntarily a little flashy announces the arrival of a new team member !
After E-N-C, Papy Serge, PapyChat, Deudeuf11 and MDamien, I have the pleasure to welcome Corinne, the first woman in this team.

Faithful visitor of this site, she found plenty of things to perform her arrangements, but it lacked something special for a film dedicated to her daughter, passionate of clarinet.
Taking her courage in both hands, she followed-up my tutorial on how to clone montage themes to produce this series based on music. You will therefore find different adaptations of 50's Modern series, with notes of music, Sol key and Fa key, and in addition a beautiful "musical" Album !

In short, a series that I invite you to discover without delay, the subject of music having never been addressed so far on this site.

On the other hand, you are many to fail cloning theme when using Avid Studio. It's because my tutorial is not suitable for this software. I have thus written this new tutorial to explain you how to clone themes when using Avid Studio. It is unfortunately a little more complicated than with Pinnacle Studio, but once you will have done it once, you'll see that it's finally quite simple.

PapyChat's lower thirds

PapyChat's lower thirds

updated on Sunday 6 May 2012

By making some cleaning on my PC, I discover forgotten treasures!

PapyChat had sent me a few months ago this series of lower thirds that he did for his own production and that he had kindly forwarded to me to share with all of you. I had somewhat forgotten them, which gives me the pleasure of rediscovering them !

You will find 12 montage themes to add titles in your production according to different moods such as for example hiking or riding bicycle.
This series complements previous series of lower thirds by E-N-C, the one transmited more recently by MDamien and the series I published in December. Not less than 105 lower thirds are now available on this site!

Otherwise, please note that I meet since a few weeks a technical problems for the emailing of my newsletter, so do not hesitate to visit the site from time to time to be sure to not miss anything...

It's my birthday!

It's my birthday!

updated on Friday 20 April 2012

... Not exactly, my birthday was in December, but the creation of this 20cents Birthday series has been postponed by different problems... But as I also took some delay in the montage of my films, it is still at the right time !
Cakes, gifts and candles are the ingredients of this series where I took pleasure inserting drop zones in the moving flames of birthday candles!
You will also find a gift package which you choose the color and the tape, and which will open to unveil texts and drop zones.
This series contents 16 original themes from which 5 are lower thirds.

I hope that this will be useful and that you will enjoy it !

Mars attack!

Mars attack!

updated on Saturday 14 April 2012

I must admit that I have been a little disappointed by the lack of interest in my 20cents Travel series that allows to create travel itineraries...

So, this week, I propose something quite different !

It's a new series created by MDamien, very productive at this time... (thanks Damien)
It is based on Aliens topics and consists of ten montage themes. Flying saucer, small Green mens, and E.T are very present in this series.

Most of these themes have been created by MDamien using the method of theme cloning described into my tutorial on this topic !.

Don't hesitate to test it, and, if your are satisfied of your creations, email them to me !

Make your travel itineraries in Studio!

Make your travel itineraries in Studio!

updated on Monday 2 April 2012

In my previous edition, I had announced something different to celebrate the 500th montage theme published on this site...

... It is time you reveal what it is!

A few weeks ago, Christian, a frequent visitor, told me that he wanted to enliven an animation of travel itinerary with an Animated Gif image. In fact, it is always possible to produce such route animation using an external software outside Studio, and then to import the result and add on an Animated Gif image converted as a montage theme with my online tool.

But Christian's request gave me the idea to try to create a montage theme featuring the whole animation, and then to instanciate it in a new series. So was born the 20cents Travel series. I can assure you that the achievement of this animation has only be possible thanks to the knowledge that I have accumulated over the past 3 years, that is recorded in the different tutorials available on this site.

This series will may be not replace a dedicated software, but without any doubt it will allow many applications thanks to its simplicity of use. Indeed, to make things even simpler, I wrote you a short tutorial, with, as example, a short tour of Paris !

Happy Birthday !

Happy Birthday !

updated on Sunday 18 March 2012

Some weeks ago, this was my 50th anniversary, and MDamien has promised me to make a new series to mark this event ... and he did it !
Indeed, it's difficult to understand why, despite dozens of montage theme series published on this website for now more than 2 years, there was nothing to illustrate birthday parties movies.
This series containts 6 transition and a lower third directly built following my tutorial. There is now 499 montage theme available for free o n this site. For the 500th, I am preparing something really different from everthing I did before !
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bijoux fantaisie

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