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Papy Serge's little train

Papy Serge's little train

updated on Sunday 6 March 2011

I thought I had already seen everything that could be done with montage themes, and although no!

Once more, Papy Serge pushes the limits of technology by reviving the little train of the memory of our childhood (for those who were children and watch TV in France in the 60's).
Papy Serge therefore propose us its own version of this vintage animation in the series Papy Serge petit train with 2 opening themes, 5 transitions and 2 ending themes.

To do this, he reconstructed piece by piece the little train in 3D, with all its details! I am well placed to tell you that this is an absolutely enormous task, a real masterpiece that he is the only one able to do

In order to take maximum benefit of this series, better is to have a powerful enough PC, because Papy Serge has used all the resources of Studio

Welcome PapyChat

Welcome PapyChat

updated on Tuesday 22 February 2011

Today is not an ordinary day. here comes a new montage themes programmer. His name is PapyChat and he brings a new style on this site. As some of you, he has began some development for its own productions, using informations collected from right to left, until we get in touch and...

"Although in truth I had plenty of folders everywhere and as at this time I did not understand everything I'd dropped. But since I saw your site I learnt a lot thanks to your explanations. Then a few days ago I made some "housekeeping" on my computer and I found things that I didn't remembered anymore."

As you will discover he had been detrimental for us if all this wonderful work had been lost in the HDD of PapyChat.
As a beginning, PapyChat offers us a series for your films of Valentine's day, which will complement my own series published a few weeks ago on this same topic.

As you'll see PapyChat proceeded by cloning of 2 series offered by Pinnacle. This technique is certainly the easiest to start in montage themes creation, and gives very convincing results as you will judge by yourself. I had never thought to explain how to do that, it is now something done in this new tutorial on theme cloning.

Otherwise, you've certainly seen on other sites the Studio 15 announcement. I've not yet had time to make a serious test, and so will not make any comment at this stage. I have just downloaded the demo version (2.26 Giga bytes anyway!). First observation, yes ! montage themes still work. I will conduct more tests soon, and I will tell you results of these tests. If your on your side, you've done more testing, do not hesitate to let me know.

Papy Serge Begins

Papy Serge Begins

updated on Thursday 10 February 2011

"Once retirement time came, I needed to realize my promise made to my children and grandchildren to give them a DVD bringing together, in an original albums, all the photographs in our possession.
A real album, hey Papy, with pages that turn...
And it is there that difficulties began, modify studio 12 album series themes, rotate pages, we get about, but making photos rotate at the same time and be still at the right place ???"

Such were the first words of an email that I received early December 2010, and it is by this that I met Papy Serge !

Since then, Papy Serge has released 2 other series, football and play cards
here is now the first series created by Papy Serge, on which we had spend many hours to make it more versatile and customisable to fit all your needs.
As you have already understood, this series features a photobook. Papy Serge's Album is a new adaptation of the now famous Pinnalce's Album series, but much more rich and powerful than the original one, because, as you will discover, it allows no less than 280 different transitions, each one with 16 807 possible skins.

To get a better understanding about how to use this album, I have also written a small handbook

Then, to make the party nicer, E-N-C adds a new banner to its own Wedding album series !

if you have also developped some montage theme, don't hesitate to contact me to enrich this site !

Special Valentine's day !

Special Valentine's day !

updated on Friday 4 February 2011

To put all the chances on your side, I've prepared for you a dedicated series with not less than 15 entirely new montage themes delivered in one shot !"

I put there my heart and a lot of my time since a few days ...

Heartbeat or broken hearts, poems, burning kisses and romantic frames are being implemented to help you make your video montages unique, and, as usual, most of my montage themes are widely configurable in order to better fit to your needs.

Of course, these themes can also be used on many other occasions, and especially for your wedding films. effect guaranteed or your money back! (note that I take no risk, since it's free !).

If the content of this site please you and is useful for you, or if you have ideas to improve it, please let me know. The most enthusiastic can also use the "Donate" button present on the site

Football by Papy Serge !

Football by Papy Serge !

updated on Tuesday 25 January 2011

Papy Serge continues here his warm up and deliver us a second series dedicated to the world of football. You can personalize the themes with the colors of your favorite national team (sorry if they are not all present !).
This series has an opening, 4 transitions, a lower Third and an ending theme. You will find them here

For his part, E-N-C sent us a new banner, this time on the theme of Greece. To get it, you must download the series E-N-C lower thirds

A big thank you to both for their valuable work and their generosity !

Create your own visual identity for your videos !

Create your own visual identity for your videos !

updated on Sunday 16 January 2011

this week, I propose you a solution to easily create a short introduction sequence then you can place at the beginning of each of your film to create a signature for your works!

Of course, no need to tame a Lion like did M-G-M in 1924

To achieve this, I built 4 themes you can find in the Signature Series.
To learn how to replace my logo by your, I also wrote it a small tutorial that you will need to read carefully.

Do not hesitate to send me your signatures to complete this tutorial!

Otherwise, thanks to Serge for his Christmas postcard that you find in the Your Montages section

Play Cards ... some more themes

Play Cards ... some more themes

updated on Saturday 8 January 2011

Papy Serge gave us the pleasure to complete his series Play cards with 5 new transitions.

On the other hand, Nick shares his Christmas card using a lot of montage themes including some from this site. I like having an idea of what you do with my creations !

Happy New Year 2011

Happy New Year 2011

updated on Friday 31 December 2010

I wish you a Happy New Year 2011 !

To start, I propose you a new montage theme in series Fêtes showcasing a beautiful fireworks with your own photos ..

Many thanks to Gert Oskar for all his remarks, suggestions that helps a lot to enhance the quality of this site !
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