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Album and Slideshow

Album and Slideshow

updated on Sunday 11 March 2012

After sunny winter holiday, I am back for this new edition where you will find 8 new montage themes. we are now very close from the 500 montage theme available on this website ...
Firstly, E-N-C prepared us 2 slideshows in his own style, today based on circular shapes. Then, E-N-C has developed a theme from one of his ideas that allows to insert a photo or a video in a shape (star, round, etc...) with a colored border. It will then be possible to apply an effect like "Pan & Zoom" using keyframe animation to get very useful results. These 3 themes have been added to the series E-N-C classic that you will need to download again.

Finally, MDamien has customized the beautiful "Album" series created by Pinnacle with Studio 12. No surprise to whoever knows MDamien, the general theme of his album is the nature, illustrated by many flowers and butterflies.
You will see that MDamien have followed my tutorial explaining how to modify the opening theme of the original series..

Finally Daniel sent us a video from his trip in South Africa, with not very fierce lions as you will see!

Some Natural lower thirds!

Some Natural lower thirds!

updated on Sunday 12 February 2012

You can already find many lower thirds on this site, as for example those created by E-N-C, you may also find a tutorial teaching you how to create such montage theme, but it is clear that programming remains quite complicated for many people.

So I decided to write this little tutorial for you, teaching how to build an animated lower third, but without having to program a montage theme. Once you have tested this tutorial, you can build easily a lot of tiny animations (in any case, this is what I wish you).

For those who find this still too difficult (and similarly for the others), MDamien is pleased to share with us a new series of themes. Today, he proposes us some lower thirds to illustrate montages on the theme of nature. Flowers and butterflies are occupying an important place.

MDamien, is very active and has also been inspired by my tutorial providing a method for the creation of Visual identity, and I sent me its signature that you will find at the end of this tutorial.

Finally Blue Eyes has made a beautiful montage summarizing the year 2011 viewed by an Italian, picking up the best moments, but also some more sad.

Papy Serge's back

Papy Serge's back

updated on Friday 3 February 2012

Today, Papy Serge chose to create a magnificent series featuring the reels of film in which your photos and video will be easily placed.
He has provided different arrangements so that you can place photos horzontally or vertically.
As always, Papy Serge themes have lots of customization settings that will help you, we hope, to produce the effect you want.

Otherwise, Corinne followed my tutorial explaining how to create your video signature, and she presents us her own. You will see that she has considerably taken benefit from my various tutorials to add a nice fairy using an animated GIF image.
You will find her signature in menu Your Montages !

Happy New Year 2012 !

Happy New Year 2012 !

updated on Thursday 5 January 2012

Like everyone, when arrives this period of the Year, I am confronted with the friendly "challenge" of the greeting cards.
I say "challenge", because of course, I am totally involved to do this in an original manner, otherwise they could be lost in the billion greeting sent by SMS this year in France.

Last year, I had concocted you an original theme based on fireworks. This year, I have been short in time (Christmas and 1st of January were Sundays), and I haven't been on vacation

So, I needed all my creativity to overcome this "challenge" !

As you have until the end of January to send your greeting, I detail you my method, quite easy as you will see in this tutorial where you will find my video greetings card !

But, I wasn't the only one to work to wish you a Happy New year. Lotis send us from Barzil his video greetings card fully composed of montage themes, and Etienne Kinnaer send us a nice movie done in a Christmas market installed in a small school somewhere in Belgium ...

Finally, to celebrate this new year, you will notice my efforts to modernize the look of this web site !

Merry Christmas 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

updated on Saturday 24 December 2011

Without imagining to replace Santa Claus, I want to send you a small gift as a new series of montage theme devoted to... Christmas!
This series of circumstance will help you to achieve more easily an original montage, featuring Santa Claus, a traditional christmas tree with its decorations, as welle as snow (which start falling in Alps for happy holidaymakers!

E-N-C also makes you share his Christmas creations, with a new original third lower, available in the E-N-C Lower Thirds series and a transition in the series E-N-C classic.

To complete with news, Yaël sent us this video of his trip to the North Pole. You will therefore discover where usually lives Santa Claus!

I wish you a Merry Christmas 2011, and I would like to thank all those who helped me to produce original content for this website, and especially E-N-C, Papy serge, PapyChat, Deudeuf11, and MDamien.
thank you for your fidelity.

Special 'the bramble and the nettle'

 Special 'the bramble and the nettle'

updated on Tuesday 13 December 2011

Recently, I met someone great... Indeed, met is not the appropriate term, since we only met through email, but great is earned as you will see.
as all of us, MDamien likes video editing. In addition, he has also and firstly a passion for nature and plants. He helps us to share his passion, and therefore to better know the plants through video that he offers free of charge on his internet website the bramble and the nettle (La ronce et l'ortie).
It is by chance that he came to my website and discovered the hidden opportunities offered by Pinnacle and Avid Studio, and in particular the ability to customize montage themes. It has therefore undertaken to clone 50's Modern series to give a visual identity for his future montages.
MDamien made us the pleasure to share his work with us!

I can also add that he sent me a montage theme specially customised for my birthday. I said you Great :) (Don't worry, I will share it, because contrary to the birthday cake, when you share your montage themes with others, you will have more after than before!)

Do not hesitate to visit the site of the bramble and the nettle ("La ronce et l'ortie" in French) to learn lots of things and prepare your walks in the nature (unfortunnalty only in French version)!

Finnaly you may notice my attempts to modernize the look of the site !
You will also see the lateral panel "Last comments" resuming the 5 last comments made in the English page of the site.

Waterfall, movies, and slide shows

Waterfall, movies, and slide shows

updated on Sunday 4 December 2011

I have been quite busy these last months, and I didn't had the opportunity to meet all the requests you sent me. Therefore, I try to empty this (long) list...
  • First of all, here is an application of my friend Gert Oskar from Canada, who is one of my earlier supporter for now more than 2 years. He asked me for some lower thirds illustrating waterfalls.
  • Then a suggestion of Mojmir from Czech Republic who wanted me to realize a clap and some other lower thirds relating to atmosphere of cinema.
All these lower thirds have been added to the 20cents Lower Thirds series that you will need to re-download if you want to take advantage of these new themes.

On the other hand, E-N-C send us 3 new animations designed to enhance your video. They are located in the E-N-C series. In addition, some improvements have been done in the Avid version of this series.

Finally, 2 visitors share their creations with us.
  • Firstly, Lotis who is used to share his video, send us his greeting card under the Sun of Brazil,
  • Then MegaXanim who produced a superb slide show about his vacation in Turkey with his son, to whom he dedicated this video.

Various Videowalls and Videotunnels

 Various Videowalls and Videotunnels

updated on Friday 25 November 2011

I didn't publish any themes during many months, but November 2011 will remain to mark with a white stone in your calendar with this second series of 15 montage themes featuring videowalls and video tunnels !

Initially, I got the idea when looking at "Sarko Info" show presented by Karl Zero on french TV, where I was fascinated by a video tunnel. So, I have tried to reproduce it with my means...

I also created other themes featuring various video walls in fashion these days !

These themes are a little technical and may require a some time to be previewed due to the number of concurrent views managed.
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