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Here is Pinnacle Studio montage theme programming language

Here is Pinnacle Studio montage theme programming language

updated on Monday 5 July 2010

For those who want to learn how to develop montage themes, or who want to explore more thoroughly the various options, I took the time to write the reference manual describing this language including all known objects and settings that I could observe, with mention to few tips to avoid falling into the pitfalls where I sometimes spent to much time !
This manual is available under Tutorials
You will also find a full serie of training montage themes exclusively for learning purposes, allowing you to discover for yourself the different objects and the effect of each parameter that controls the appearance.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire ?

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire ?

updated on Monday 21 June 2010

The famous TV games "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" arrives on Pinnacle Studio. Nevertheless, the hardest part will be yours, ie replace your favorite presenter.
To get them, just download Generic TV series.

Kick off of 2010 World football Cup !

Kick off of 2010 World football Cup !

updated on Monday 14 June 2010

Following an email from Robert, a South African who told me he will attend the opening match of the 2010 World Cup Football, I decided to make a theme reminding a soccer ball.
To get it, you must download the 3D themes series.

The Cannes Film Festival is over !

The Cannes Film Festival is over !

updated on Tuesday 1 June 2010

Following a suggestion of one of you, I made 2 montage themes based on image of camera film scrolling across the screen. If you have also some speific needs, do not hesitate to contact me, I would see how I can help you.
Just, download the Introduction to get these themes.

A theme for wedding films !

A theme for wedding films !

updated on Friday 28 May 2010

E-N-C delivers today its first multi-track theme. For those who are not aware, a theme multi-track is composed of 2 or 3 themes that are placed respectively on the main, overlay, and titles tracks of Studio timeline. In this case, E-N-C uses no less than 15 tracks and 12 video titles !
This theme of a duration of 50 seconds is specifically designed to present family and family in law,without forgetting a few sequences of nostalgia !
Congratulations to Eric for his work that he wanted to share with us. If you have also the courage to develop some themes or need some help in this endeavor, please contact me !
To enjoy it, you must download the themes E-N-C series.

A new series of montage themes to spend time !

A new series of montage themes to spend  time !

updated on Saturday 15 May 2010

I had not published any new montage themes since one month. For the more impatient, don't worry, it was worth the wait, since I am proposing today a full serie of 11 themes really original.
These themes showcase a clock that can timestamp your sequences, and give an indication of elapsed time between 2 sequences with 5 different transitions.

Customize the montage themes Motion Backgrounds !

Customize the montage themes Motion Backgrounds !

updated on Saturday 8 May 2010

Some of you asked me for new motion backgrounds for my montage themes. As it's hard to please everyone, the easiest way was to explain how to coose and format your prefered motion background by yourself from the catalog of movie tools.
If you are interested in, read this tutorial

A Magic Panorama !

A  Magic Panorama !

updated on Friday 23 April 2010

I didn't propose you any montage theme these last 2 weeks !. Here are three that can make stunning panoramas from any single photo. To get them, simply download once again series effects.
In addition, I took the opportunity to write a Tutorial explaining how to use them, you will see that the result is quite amazing .
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bijoux fantaisie

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