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bijoux fantaisie
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Father Christmas exists ! His name is Papy Serge.

Father Christmas exists ! His name is Papy Serge.

updated on Tuesday 28 December 2010

Eric and myself were waiting for many months the arrival of new montage themes developer.
It's Christmas, and father Christmas offers us Papy Serge !

For his first publishing, Papy Serge proposes us a series containing 5 montage themes around the idea of play cards games.
We don't find a new theme producer everyday, so, enjoy this new series !

In addition, Jean-Claude sends us once agin a wonderful montage using some montage themes found on this site and some others from Pinnacle. Really a great job, Bravo Jean-Claude!

I want also to thank Bernard who has been of great help to find remaining bugs in the first days when launching this new version of the site, as well as Christian and Frédéric for their active support to this site.

We have moved !

We have moved !

updated on Tuesday 21 December 2010

The free web hosting solution provided by my internet service provider was not reliable enougth to deliver a quality service compatible with all my efforts. As a consequence, I decided to spend some money to look for a more performant solution ...

It's now here and only here that all my themes and tutorials will be published, so don't forget to bookmark this address.

Good news, I have translated all this site which is available also in English (unfortunalty I am French, and some translations may remain not really English ...)

So far, my themes remains Free, but if you appreciate my work and efforts, a donate button is now available.

Last, registration is now required to download my creations. It's free and take only a few seconds. This will allow you to receive my newsletter.

Enjoy your visit

Christmas is not so far !

Christmas is not so far !

updated on Wednesday 15 December 2010

Soon the end of year. E-N-C has prepared a theme based on the idea of fireworks (upon a suggestion of Thierry!), and a beautiful Christmas banner !
To enjoy these new themes, you will need to download series e-n-c lower thirds and themes E-N-C

Thanks Eric for all this work that you share with us

In addition this week, you will find 2 videos made by Adrien that will show you how montage themes and motion backgrounds may be used to achieve a very professional job. (see section your montages. Many Thanks to Adrien .

Again, If you want to share your creations on this site, feel free to contact me!

American life !

American life !

updated on Saturday 4 December 2010

E-N-C's Travels are still on going. This week, we are visiting the USA throught 2 new banners. Dollars, Stars and Stripes, Cab and rifles are part of these montage themes ...

A lot of changes are under working. Keep aware !

Mexican Ambiance

Mexican Ambiance

updated on Saturday 20 November 2010

This week, E-N-C offers a new classic theme overlay, and 2 new Banners on the theme of Mexico. Sombreros, Tequila, Guitar and national flag are there ...
I take this opportunity to remind you that if you produce some montage themes, do not hesitate to contact me if you want o publish them on this site.

In addition, I Will finish soon to prepare the English version of this site. I would need some Help to read and correct The translation of my tutorials. If you are interested in, do not hesitate to contact me!

A Video arrow !

A Video arrow !

updated on Sunday 14 November 2010

Here's something that was missing !
In a video, it is sometimes useful to draw attention to an important detail that might otherwise be unnoticed. You can of course zoom in on it, but then, you lose global context.
So I decided to develop this very simple theme that displays an arrow which unfolds repeatedly
... As usual, everything is of course adjustable. To get it, you should download the 20cents Titles series

In addition, I Will finish soon to prepare the English version of this site. I would need some Help to read and correct The translation of my tutorials. If you are interested in do not hesitate to contact me !

A Wedding Album

 A Wedding Album

updated on Sunday 7 November 2010

The subject that comes up most often in your requests is relative to wedding films. It is what initially brought me into the world of video editing!
E-N-C has well understood that, and he offers us a wonderful adaptation of the Pinnacle Album series provided with Studio 12 and 14. This series will allow you to create a Wedding Album totally original .
Please contact Eric to express your suggestions and your encouragement !

How to use backgrounds in my montage themes ?

 How to use  backgrounds in my montage themes ?

updated on Saturday 6 November 2010

Several messages these last week make me think that the use of backgrounds in my montage themes is not as easy as I thought. So I wrote a Tutorial to explain in more detail how to download them onto your computer, and then how to use them.
You'll also learn how to replace them with other backgrounds you may prefer.
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bijoux fantaisie

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